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  • ポストカードサイズのお試し用の抹茶タイム
  • 3gスティックが2本と商品説明カード
  • カップにスティックを1本入れます
  • 鮮やかな抹茶色の粉末
  • 鮮やかな抹茶色の水色
  • 仕事に集中している男性
  • 学習に集中している女性
  • 心を落ち着かせている僧侶
  • 高山寺の開山堂と明恵上人
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Product information

Tea spread in Zen Buddhism as a means of concentration

It is said that long ago, tea was recommended to monks, mainly of the Zen sect. In Zen Buddhism, which is characterized by rigorous training, it is important to get rid of all desires and worldly desires in order to attain enlightenment.


Supporting intellectual production and learning time

matcha time In order to support modern people's intellectual production and learning time, we collaborated with the wisdom of tea and the idea of supplements to support the performance of blending glucose and L-theanine* with Uji matcha, which contains a lot of caffeine and theanine. It is a matcha powder drink that allows you to take ingredients in a well-balanced manner.

*L-theanine: powder raw material extracted from theanine, Theanine is an amino acid found in tea.


Kokoro, Sumikiru

Awakening × Relaxation × Energy

  • wake up caffeine
  • Relax: Theanine
  • Energy: glucose

The best performance with a clear heart!


    delicious "natural flavor"

    Uji matcha "Samidori, a variety suitable for the underside of Kyoto's Yamashiro area" is used with "Sugar cane" from the Amami Islands to create a natural raw flavor. Matcha's original mellow taste and sugar cane Please enjoy the faint sweetness.

    About matcha


    How to serve

    Pour 1 stick and hot water (suitable temperature 80°C) or 150ml of water into a cup, stir well and enjoy. Stir occasionally as it will not dissolve completely.


    Amount of ingredients per cup (3g per bottle)

    energy 11.7kcal
    L-theanine 150mg
    glucose 300mg
    Theanine* 30mg
    caffeine *
    catechin * 102mg

    *The amount of theanine, caffeine, and catechin contained in matcha fluctuates depending on various conditions.


    Product information

    name Matcha powder drink
    Internal capacity 6g (3g x 2)
    raw materials Raw material sugar (sugar cane (Amami Islands)), green tea (Kyoto), glucose, L-theanine

    Preservation method

    Avoid high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place.

    Precautions for use

    Freshness is important for matcha. Consume as soon as possible after opening.


    The Wisdom of Tea "Ten Virtues of Tea"

    It is ten articles that preached the efficacy of tea. It is said that the monk Myoe of Kozanji Temple on Mt. Myoe Shonin received tea seeds from Eisai Zenji. It is said that he sowed tea seeds in Toganoo and encouraged the cultivation of tea throughout the country, starting with Uji in Kyoto. Tea was spread mainly in Zen Buddhist temples by these high priests. In Zen Buddhism, which is characterized by rigorous training, it is important to get rid of all desires and worldly desires in order to attain enlightenment. The oldest tea plantation in Japan remains at Tsuganosan Kozanji Temple, Tea picking is still held in May, and on November 8th, A tea offering ceremony is held to offer prayers of gratitude to Myoe Shonin and the deceased tea industry.


    If you drink tea, you will be protected.


    The benefits of tea help the whole body function and maintain, and prevent illness.


    The deep taste of tea makes you feel honest and appreciate your parents.


    The deep taste of tea will make you forget the fatigue of troublesome worldly affairs.


    If you have no worries in your heart and no illness in your body, you will be able to work hard every day and live longer.


    Tea activates the nerves and improves brain and blood circulation.


    Tea is strong and energetic and can live well.


    When you drink tea, calm your mind and become a selfless and innocent heart. For this reason, I feel depressed.


    There is no evil thoughts, and there is the protection of the gods and Buddha.


    If you drink tea habitually, you can keep your mind calm and live your natural life.