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Tea spread in Zen Buddhism as a means of concentration


It is said that long ago, tea was recommended to monks, mainly of the Zen sect. In Zen Buddhism, which is characterized by rigorous training, it is important to eliminate all desires and worldly desires in order to attain enlightenment.

Supporting intellectual production and learning time

  • 仕事に集中している男性
  • 学習に集中している女性

Matcha Time is a performance that combines the wisdom of tea and the idea of supplements, blending glucose and L-theanine* with Uji matcha, which contains a lot of caffeine and theanine, in order to support the intellectual production and learning time of modern people. It is a matcha powder drink that allows you to take well-balanced ingredients that support *L-theanine is a powdered raw material extracted from theanine, and theanine is an amino acid contained in tea.

Awakening × Relaxation × Energy

Arousal "Caffeine" Relaxation "Theanine" Energy "Glucose"

Amount of ingredients per cup

L-theanine 150mg, glucose 300mg, theanine 30mg*, caffeine 54mg*, catechin 102mg*

*The amount of theanine, caffeine, and catechin contained in matcha fluctuates depending on various conditions.

natural raw flavor

  • 鮮やかな抹茶色の粉末
  • 鮮やかな抹茶色の水色

Uji matcha "Samidori, a variety compatible with Oshishita in the Yamashiro district of Kyoto" uses "Sugar cane" from the Amami Islands to carefully finish the natural raw flavor. Enjoy the mellow taste of matcha and the subtle sweetness of sugarcane.

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