About Nihoncha Sapuri

I want you to get rid of people's moyamoya and shine with a clear heart and body!
This is how the Nihoncha Sapuri was born.


Kokoro, Karada, Sumikiru

There is a word for Japanese tea called “seifu”. It means that “drinking tea will make your mind feel relaxed and calm, and you will reach a state where you feel like a pure breeze blows.” "Kokoro, Karada, Smikiru" is the origin of this phrase.


our thoughts

We believe that Japanese tea is a resource unique to Japan that can be of great use in enriching people's lives. This is because tea has been nurtured over a long history and has become widely established in Japanese culture and life as a natural beverage that is delicious and healthy for the mind and body. We believe in the potential of Japanese tea, stand by people who want to live more actively and healthily in the age of 100 years of life, and support people who think for themselves and make efforts in an era of rapid change.



CHAPURI, where you can enjoy the healthy ingredients of tea, is a collaboration of the wisdom of tea that has supported people's minds and health since ancient times, the culture of enjoying tea in daily life, and the idea of supplements that allow easy intake of nutrients. Suggest.


health and deliciousness

Tea has been academically studied by many academic researchers on the ingredients contained and their effects. In particular, tea contains vitamins, catechins, flavonoids, caffeine, saponin, γ-aminobutyric acid, minerals, and aromatic compounds such as green leaf alcohol and pyrazine . reveals something unparalleled. The health ingredients and flavor of this tea vary greatly depending on the variety, cultivation, plucking period, tea manufacturing method, and blending method. In Japanese tea supplements, we carefully select different tea leaf ingredients and flavors to deliver the health and deliciousness of Japanese tea.