Japan House São Paulo『NIHONCHA』展

Japan House São Paulo “NIHONCHA” Exhibition

MATCHA TIME, a Japanese tea supplement, is exhibited at the ``NIHONCHA'' exhibition currently being held at Japan House São Paulo, which was established as a base for Japan's overseas communication. MATCHA TIME is being introduced to people in Brazil as a new way to enjoy matcha and the evolution of Japanese tea culture in modern Japan.

About Japan House Sao Paulo

Japan House São Paulo opened in April 2017 as a base for communicating with the outside world with the aim of further expanding the base of Japanese-minded and Japanese-minded people by disseminating Japan's diverse charms, policies, and initiatives. . In October 2022, the total number of visitors exceeded 2.7 million, and it has become a major facility on Paulista Avenue in the center of São Paulo, Brazil.

About Japan House

Japan House has opened business offices in three cities: Sao Paulo, London, and Los Angeles, and combines activities such as exhibition space, multipurpose space with theater function, merchandise sales, food and beverages, books/web/café, etc. By specifically introducing and presenting topics such as the future of tradition, the heat of popular culture, the power of high technology, and the appeal of diverse foods, we are able to attract even people who have not necessarily been interested in Japan in the past. Our activities target a wide range of people, including:

Japan House São Paulo “NIHONCHA” Exhibition Information

Date: December 5, 2023 - April 7, 2024
Venue: Japan House Sao Paulo 2F



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It is said that in ancient times, tea was recommended to monks, especially those of the Zen sect. In Zen Buddhism, which is characterized by rigorous training, it is important to eliminate all desires and earthly desires in order to achieve enlightenment, and drinking tea was recommended as a way to get rid of these thoughts and concentrate on training.

MATCHA TIME collaborates the wisdom of tea and the idea of ​​supplements to support modern people's intellectual production, mental labor, and learning time, and combines Uji matcha with high caffeine and theanine contents with glucose and L-theanine*. A matcha powder drink that allows you to take in a well-balanced blend of ingredients that support performance.