ten virtues of tea

ten virtues of tea

It is ten articles that preached the efficacy of tea. It is said that the monk Myoe of Kozanji Temple on Mt. It is said that Myoe Shonin received tea seeds from Eisai Zenji and sowed them in Toganoo. Tea was spread mainly in Zen Buddhist temples by these high priests. In Zen Buddhism, which is characterized by rigorous training, it is important to get rid of all desires and worldly desires in order to attain enlightenment. "The Ten Virtues of Tea" summarizes the effects of tea that can be obtained by continuing to drink tea into 10 items, and widely taught the world.


If you drink tea, you will be protected.


The benefits of tea help the whole body function and maintain, and prevent illness.


The deep taste of tea makes you feel honest and appreciate your parents.


The deep taste of tea will make you forget the fatigue of troublesome worldly affairs.


If you have no worries in your heart and no illness in your body, you will be able to work hard every day and live longer.


Tea activates the nerves and improves brain and blood circulation.


Tea is strong and energetic and can live well.


When you drink tea, calm your mind and become a selfless and innocent heart. For this reason, it becomes a state of mind that falls into the heart of Tenjin .


There is no evil thoughts, and there is the protection of the gods and Buddha.


If you drink tea habitually, you can keep your mind calm and live your natural life.