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ASACHA 2.5g x 20 bags

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    Product information

    Start your day off right

    ASACHA is a tea bag that allows you to take well-balanced ingredients that help you start your day. There are many sayings about tea, such as "Drink morning tea even after returning home from Shichiri," "Don't part with morning tea," and "Morning tea brings good luck." When you drink tea in the morning, the tea slowly permeates your body and switches on the beginning of the day.



    We selected tea leaves with a refreshing flavor that contain a lot of caffeine and theanine, and carefully finished the natural taste.


    This component is abundant in young shoots. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, making you more alert and active.


    It is an amino acid component that is abundantly contained in young sprouts. It is believed to have a relaxing effect.

    green flavor

    Fragrant ingredients such as green leaf alcohol. A refreshing scent reminiscent of fresh young leaves refreshes the body and mind.

    tea ingredients

    Ingredient name numerical value
    moisture 3.3%
    total nitrogen 5.5%
    free amino acid 3.1%
    Theanine 1.8%
    fiber 18.8%
    Tannin 14.1%
    catechin 14.1%
    caffeine 2.6%
    Vitamin C 0.55%

    *It is the amount of ingredients contained in tea leaves. Numerical values ​​vary depending on various conditions.


    How to serve

    1. Pour 200ml of hot water (80℃) into the cup and gently put the tea bag.
    2. Steam the tea leaves for 30 seconds.
    3. Raise the tea bag up and down in the hot water until the water color turns dark green.

    Morning tea is said to be good to drink slowly and calmly. Not only can you feel relaxed, It also has a warming effect on the stomach and intestines. Cherish your morning time and make time for yourself, which works positively for your mental and physical health.

    Heart, body, clear Mikiru. Start your day off right!


    Product information

    name Fukamushi Sencha tea bag with string
    Internal capacity 50g (2.5g x 20 bags)
    raw materials Green tea (Shizuoka Prefecture)

    Preservation method

    Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of lingering incense .

    morning tea words

    Drinking tea in the morning is said to be good for the body and auspicious, and there are many proverbs. These words are sometimes used to convey wisdom and ideas about health and lifestyle habits. It is important to keep your mind and body healthy through morning tea, and to be conscious of your feelings and gratitude in order to live a better life.


    Tea in the morning will ward off misfortune, so if you forget to drink it and leave the house, be sure to drink it even if you have to go back seven miles. is what it means. Instead of rushing out of the house during busy days, It shows that it is important to have a good time in the morning, such as breakfast.


    Don't forget to drink your morning cup of tea. is what it means. Morning tea is said to have a variety of effects on the body and mind, helping to get the day off to a good start. Therefore, it represents that continuing this habit may lead to health and happiness.


    It is a proverb that means that drinking tea in the morning will increase your fortune. Tea has a relaxing and awakening effect and can refresh the body and mind. Drinking tea also gives you the opportunity to slow down and start your day peacefully.